What will an upgraded approach to the issues facing our neighborhoods be like?

Here's some examples

Growing Voter Power

How might we empower voters to effectively oversee what the government does?


  • Growing - What matters is that more and more people identify as voters.
  • Voter - What matters is the experience of being a voter is informing, relevant, empowering, and simple.
  • Power - What matters is that voters can exercise oversight of the parts of the government with the most leverage & consequence, and can measure the impact of what they oversee.

For instance to satisfy the first goal of "Growing", we must provide both traditional polling places and new ways to vote. The proposed SB 450 fails this goal because it presents a false choice between polling places and vote centers. It's like a teacher telling a class that because some students prefer turning in homework by email, then email is the only way to turn in homework. The teacher who wants to maximize the number of students turning in homework will accept it both by email and in class. Similarly we need more ways to vote, so more people can vote.


Environmental Stewardship & Justice

How might we sustain a planet that accommodates our survival and direct benefits from making that happen to those who are bearing the costs?


  • Stewardship - What matters is collaborating to forestall environmental catastrophe. 
  • Justice - What matters is compensating those that are disproportionately suffering from environmental spoilage or sacrificing for environmental stewardship.

Cap & Trade is a victory for stewardship. We've yet to achieve a victory for justice. A simple start might be a program provides an emissions reduction dividend to those who sacrifice the most or who are most at risk.

Likewise, a gasoline tax by itself will weigh heavier on already vulnerable communities. A people-oriented policy design will be like a gas tax that directly funds a subsidy for the emissions free transportation options favored by the vulnerable communities to give them a chance to avoid the gas tax entirely.

Health Security For All For Life

How might we meet our health needs throughout our lives in a simple way?


  • Security - What matters is being able to count on coverage for our basic health needs, even when life throws us a curveball.
  • For All -  What matters is improving the health outcomes of each and every one of us. 
  • For Life - What matters is living healthy lives.

A simple solution to Security is to design so a person can independently claim coverage, like social security. To design for coverage For All we can adapt the most effective models in the world to the circumstances of Californians. To design For Life, we will look at the most effective solutions for good health in the childhood, throughout our careers, when we are at risk of catastrophe, and providing comfort at the end of life.

More Houses In Our Price Range

How might we build more healthy places to live that are close to the workplaces of people who can afford them?


  • More Houses -  What matters is there are enough healthy places to live that are near work and school.
  • In Our Price Range - What matters is that cost of the new houses match the income of the people who work near them and send their kids to school near them.

Quality Education for Every Student

How might we provide a high quality education for every student no matter their choices?


  • Quality Education - What matters is the student experience of learning how to learn and reference knowledge for observing the world around them.
  • Every Student - What matters is that a student does not need to make a choice in order to receive a quality education.