About Patrick

Here's what we want you to know about Patrick especially if this is our first connection. Patrick is an immigrant, an entertainer, a creative business person, a hard worker, an award winning innovator, a family maker, a public servant, an organizer, an upholder of liberty & justice, a witness to faith & purpose, and a champion of giving it all for the things that matter. We want you to know these things about Patrick because you are at least one of them and probably more than one. This part of California we share is full of immigrants, entertainers, business starters, hard workers, innovators, family-makers, organizers, seekers, witnesses, and champions. We are the future. And Patrick will put us front and center in the California State Assembly.

Last year Patrick served the American people as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, on behalf of the Obama White House and as a catalyst for government innovation. Previously he was a product leader of digital entertainment startups (starting with GarageBand.com), and a data person in climate/health research and municipal finance. What this means is that as a policy maker he can understand the heart of what's going on in our communities, size up the bigger picture, and propose solutions that deliver measurable impact.