• Support Patrick to send this signal to Sacramento >> "Stop feuding over dated ideas. Clear the way for inclusive prosperity."

  • "We must harness new ideas and technology to remake our government." - President Barack Obama

  • Support Patrick to send this spirit to Sacramento >> "When it's our government, then it becomes our future."

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A Message from Patrick

My name is Patrick Koppula and I love calling this district home. I moved here seven years ago and am a member of the LAUSD PTA with two children in a district school (Eagle Rock Elementary). I jump-started collaborative relationships between Occidental College students and neighborhood stakeholders through teaching a class on civic innovation. Similarly, I dug into the issue of housing displacement in Highland Park by coaching a data workshop for KPCC. Throughout Los Angeles, I've organized for making city services simpler through technology (Hack for LA), operational support for those launching innovative businesses that create the jobs of the future (CrossCampus), enriching low income K-12 student's education with learning how to start a business (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship LA), and chipping away at the discrimination that makes it harder for some groups to take part in these opportunities (partnering with i.am.STEAM and the Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center for instance). Altogether, this was the start of my commitment to reaching a prosperous future that includes us all.

For nearly two decades, I have been making paths for democratic and prosperous communities, starting with GarageBand. Last year I served on behalf of the Obama White House as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. I partnered with government leaders to catalyze innovation in government. The experience expanded my outlook of what is possible in government and renewed my optimism. I'm optimistic - despite the chaos in the Federal government - because I think the key opportunity now is in state government.

So, I am a candidate for California State Assembly in the 51st District on a mission to upgrade our government. This campaign is showing policy makers how to use problem solving approaches that lead to breakthrough innovation and resilience. I believe government makes progress by the hard work of making solutions to real-world problems. So, to win this election is really to shift our government toward a future-focused policy approach based on our collective vision of well-being. 

I will connect the heart of this community to the bigger picture, and insist on solutions that produce measurable impacts. I'm committing to put an end to political power grabs and upgrade our democratic policy making, because that's the path to prosperity for us all.